Clarex® Blue Ocean® Screen

Clarex® Blue Ocean® Screen (BOS), technology designed, developed and manufactured by Nitto Jushi Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Clarex® Acrylic) in Japan, represents a new development in projection screen system technology that achieve high contrast, wide viewing angle, true colour reproduction, good brightness and low scintillation without the need for a lenticular or fresnel lens structure. The Blue Ocean® Screen can accommodate projectors of any resolution, and are suitable for 3-D projection.

Clarex® Blue Ocean® Screen has been developed to enhance the new HD equipment now being introduced to the AV market. Whether it is for home theater, commercial or retail applications, Clarex® Blue Ocean® Screen is designed to deliver excellent optical quality. Suitable for all types of projection systems such as front or rear projection. Ideal for conference rooms, retail show rooms, training rooms, control centres, simulators, pools and home theater.

Single Element Screen: 1,3
Monolithic screen system has all the components built into the screen itself. Fresnel and lenticular elements, which are a limiting factor in high definition projection systems, are eliminated. High peak gain and wide viewing angle are added benefits.

High-Definition: 2,3,4
Combining optical components allows optimization of screen characteristics to complement the projection source and viewing conditions. Screen definition is not limited by size of lens structure, because all lens structure has been eliminated.

Colour Balanced - Blue Ocean Screen is custom formulated to yield true colour and vivid images. Screen formulations are available for all types of projection systems with wide viewing angle.

Low Scintillation - Blue Ocean Screen has very high contrast and definition even under high ambient light conditions.

Optical Coatings: 4
Flat and matte surfaces are available, as well as optical coatings (scratch resistant, anti-static, anti-Reflect), depending on the customer’s requirement.

Optical Characteristics:
Peak Gain: from 0.5 to 2.5
1/2 Gain Angle: From 25 - 50 degrees.

Blue Ocean Screen