Clarex® Blue Ocean® Screen
Interactive Touch Screen

INTERACTIVE TOUCH: Up to 100". High definition, high contrast, high colour reproduction, no colour shift, low scintillation and solid, vivid black colour even in ambient light.

Clarex® Blue Ocean® Rear Projection Screen can be used in conjunction with a touch screen panel, for use in retail shop windows, estate agents, housing developments, large show rooms, banks, TV studios, etc. It can be applied to many applications. For example the touch screen can be fixed to the inside of the glass of a shop window and used by people passing outside. It is sensitive through 20mm thickness of glass.


Touch Screen Diagram

Interactivity Specifications

Detection Method: Projected Capacitance technology using horizontal vertical wires
Screen Sizes: 40 - 100 inch 4:3 16:9 as standard, other sizes available on request
Position accuracy: Approximately 3 mm absolute, 1 mm relative. No drift
Alignment: Software drivers provide a calibration facility
Sensitivity: Adjustable by software. Can be programmed for different thickness
of glass and even use with gloved hands. Functions with non-metalised,
single construction glass 16mm thick.
Speed of response: Depends upon glass thickness. Typically 50 to 100ms
Output: RS232C communications to a 9 pin D female
Software Compatibility: Drivers are available for Windows Operating Systems
Temperature range: Better than -10 to +70°C
Humidity Controller: 0% to 95%. Unaffected by condensation
Light Transmission: Typically better than 85%.

* Specification is subject to change at any time.